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Meet Eden! 🤩👋

Former young person and now volunteer/sessional worker at Reaching Higher.

Why Youth Work?

Q: What inspired you to get involved in youth work, particularly with organisations like Reaching Higher?

I was involved in youth work provisions as a young person. These helped me to build my confidence, make friends, and explore new hobbies and skills I would not have done without these experiences. RH provides a space to do that in a way that is comfortable and supports individuals and the wider community. Getting involved as a youth worker has been my way to help young people experience the benefits of these environments, as I did! 

Q: How does youth work contribute to the personal development and growth of young people?

Youth work provides a space for young people to be themselves and have role models that do this too. It allows young people to try new experiences, be involved in social settings outside of school and home, and speak to people they may not normally meet. 

Q: What are some of the key challenges that young people face today, and how does youth work address these challenges?

I think a key challenge is having people to talk to; sometimes, this could be as simple as a familiar face to greet you and care about your interests. I think youth work provides a more intimate community within the wider community. In this smaller space, young people can be seen. 

Q: From your perspective, why is investing in youth work crucial for the future of communities and society as a whole?

Youth workers are a trained group of people who support young people in various avenues of life. These young people go on to be the adults making big decisions in our wider communities. If not youth workers who will guide and influence them, then who will? Investing in youth work provides the resources needed to aid young people in developing the character and skills needed as they grow up. Personal development is needed and contributes to the education, well-being, and overall life experiences of young people. 

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