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We support young people aged 10 - 18 (year 6 - 13), giving them the value of transferrable skills and help them discover the skills they’ve developed from their own lived experiences. 


For every penny you, friends, colleagues and family members raise for Reaching Higher will wholeheartedly make a huge difference in the lives of young people.


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“Bailey is a pleasure to teach due to his willingness to learn every lesson, the difference Reaching Higher has made is evident and clear to see, it’s definitely has a positive impact on his school life.”


Prior to engaging with our sessions, Bailey would never ask questions or contribute his opinion among his peers, teachers and RH leaders. Gradually through the year, his confidence has increased which has improved his experience at home, within school and with Reaching Higher.


We’ve worked with Bailey for over a year within school and the community, where he has learnt an abundane of skills attending drama and football community sessions. Bailey discovered his love for football through his first session with us and has never looked back since.


Using his new skills, he has made new friends from different schools which has helped him build a relationship bubble where he can freely express himself.


Bailey won a Jack Petchey award for his outstanding efforts within Drama sessions.

Bailey said: “When I first started at Reaching Higher, I felt nervous because I didn’t know what we were going to be doing and I felt scared that if I messed up - would people be mad at me?... My coaches and teachers at Reaching Higher have completely changed my view on life and have given me the platform to improve"

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