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Our work at Reaching Higher would not be possible without the generosity of our funders and supporters.  We are grateful for their partnerships with us, often over many years, and for their commitment to empowering young leaders.

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Become a Reaching Higher Champion, and you will become part of an incredible group of people who have committed to a regular monthly financial gift to support young people through the work of Reaching Higher.

​By giving as little as £5 a month, you can make a BIG difference in the lives of young people who also want to make a difference in their community. We are in the process of setting up a donor box. As a result, giving to us will become more secure and straightforward. Get in touch if this interests you.


In return, we will keep you updated with news of how your contribution is helping towards our life-changing projects and activities.


Support our work and demonstrate a genuine commitment to the issues affecting your staff and communities. Our values encourage us to work in partnership. Being able to exchange learnings and experiences with partners from different environments further reinforces our work and the overall impact we can make.


Our approach to working in partnership is about shared knowledge and how we can create value in that. So we begin shaping the partnership around what we can offer and then hear from our partners about their support.

Through these partnerships, our overall aim is to share and explore different perspectives that will contribute to a stronger community and galvanize a generation to become active citizens.

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