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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Tyrese is a 15-year-old who has been a part of Reaching Higher for three years through our Transferrable Skills Workshops and Community, participating in football and external community tournaments.

He was resistant and reserved during TS workshops when he first got involved, but this quickly changed as the environment felt more welcoming and engaging for him and others in his class.

Tyrese has benefited from engaging in debates and discussions and impactful sessions such as ‘Dealing with pressure’ and ‘Effective communication’ which helped him deal with everyday struggles and anxieties when sharing his opinions with his teachers and being able to do so freely.

“Reaching Higher has made a great impact on me during some difficult moments in my educational journey. Before RH started working in our school, I had difficulties working with teachers and them taking time to understand. When Reaching Higher came, they asked us about us and our motivation, immediately creating a comfortable and mutual understanding environment.”
- Tyrese

Tyrese has grown tremendously and became a leader amongst the young people in our community sessions. His commitment levels to personal development are what makes his journey quite significant. Within the school environment, he was engaged and always wanted to seek advice and discuss how he could develop his relationships with teachers, requesting practical skills.

“Tyrese has grown in confidence; using sport to develop his people skills has helped him grow as a person. Previously being a socially awkward person and would act on others making fun of him. Major improvement in his ability to respond to people in authority and a better understanding of their roles and seeing the value they have in his life.”
- Cherise, Tyrese’s mum
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Aug 18, 2021

Well done Tyrese!

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