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"Using the power of food to bring the community together" ... does that sound familiar to you?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the support of wider communities makes our half-term Hangouts provisions the success they've been! South Norwood Kitchen has played a vital part in that success. From planning and preparing food to fun interactions with the young people, South Norwood Kitchen did a tremendous job bringing our young people together through cooking.

Over the May half-term, we collaborated with the amazing SNK team who helped plan, prep, cook, and serve different kinds of deliciously healthy meals to over 100 hungry bellies between the ages of 10-16 years! What otherwise would have gone to waste was transformed into deliciousness for everyone involved including the left-overs that fed those in need.

Our future chefs enjoyed the process from start to finish:

"I really enjoyed cooking with South Norwood Kitchen, it was much better than staying at home. While cooking, I made friends, met new people, and learned new skills. My favourite part was creating different dishes for all the young people. The tastiest dish we made was lasagne and jacket potato’s with homemade lemonade. The food was well seasoned and definitely cooked deliciously, out of 10 I would rate it 100!" Quote from YP

It's clear to see the impact SNK has had on young people! Whilst delivering at our Hangouts provisions they also work to bring communities together, making it stronger to build collective action! Their kitchen also provides a place for new meaningful friendships to be made, giving people a sense of belonging and equality within society... simply AMAZING to say the least!

“We had the best time supporting a group of amazing young chefs at Half Term Hangouts to design and prepare a delicious lunch for over 100 of their fellow young people. They took the lead and we followed- food is at the heart of community, and these kids get that better than anyone. We’ll be rooting for them when they open their 5-star restaurants, healthy eating programmes, and community centres in South Norwood soon!” Emma from SNK

We can't thank South Norwood Kitchen enough for the phenomenal work they've done with our young people! We're excited to continue our collaborated work impacting the lives of young people one plate at a time!

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