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We extend trust across our teams and with the young people we engage. It is this type of trust that provides our staff, volunteers and young people with the platform to raise their confidence and sharpen their skills. We treasure and recognise that those engaging in our work trust us and believe that trust can transform lives.


Being relational means being present, it means being attentive to those around us and seeing everyone for who they are. We are relational because we care about and value people. We are passionate about building genuine and long-lasting relationships that will flourish and impact the wider community.



Young people have immeasurable amounts of innovative ideas and skills but can lack the experience that comes with age. At Reaching Higher we scaffold this by allowing young people to think as wildly as they can and support them to implement their own ideas in a safe and stimulating environment.


We believe that innovation is the key that unlocks new value. It is thinking about what is yet to be thought of and preparing new ways to thrive in the future. Innovation provides us with the ability to make an impact and change things for the better.

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We believe in giving the best of ourselves in our pursuit to help change the lives of young people. We believe that obtaining a standard of excellence is a continual process and we intentionally reflect on how and why we do what we do.


We believe that less is more! Simplicity requires hard work followed by high levels of focus. Obtaining simplicity is easier said than done. Simplicity is our catalyst for growth and will ensure we remain accessible and well understood.

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