Cathryn's Volunteering Experience

I moved to South Norwood when I was 7 years old and heard about Reaching Higher through one of my mum's friends. As soon as I was old enough myself and my sister Renee joined Reaching Higher immediately! Aged 13-17 I remember Reaching Higher being a huge part of my week doing music, dance, creative arts, drama - whatever I could get involved in ! When Summer Blitz began in 2010 it made my summers all the more exciting and incomparable to my friends. I attended every single day and made so many friends I still have till today. Attending the residential youth camps felt like a holiday! So many activities and fun things to do as well as being surrounded by my christian friends. I always used to say to the leaders "I wish youth camp was school".

After I turned 17 I began volunteering in all the projects I used to take part in. Now I am 22, I have only just stopped volunteering and the reason why is because I am now an official staff member of Reaching Higher (woohoo). I am over the moon, I love Reaching Higher and the work we do because we genuinely care about young people and their futures. Every staff member here is a joy to work with and we are all determined to bring about change for the young people we encounter daily.

I am just one of many testimonies of how volunteering your time towards something you are passionate about will always pay off.

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