Reaching Higher deliver dynamic sessions in secondary schools. We are primarily asked to work with young people who are showing signs of disengagement or who are at risk of poor attainment.  Through our unique blend of activities and sessions we are able to intervene and empower the young people we work with. 

Our FA & UEFA trained RHFA Football coaches work mostly with boys twice a week both on and off the pitch. 

The all-girl theatre sessions, STAGES teaches drama and writing techniques to empower young women to tell their stories through performance, with our experienced youth workers targeting areas such as Mental Health, Self-Esteem and Confidence. 

Working with targeted groups who are at risk of poor GCSE attainment, sessions on Motivation & Leadership are used to provide these young people with tools and strategies that they can put in to action to aid them in their schoolwork and personal lives. 

As well as the targeted sessions in the schools that we work with, we also deliver assemblies at Schools and Colleges upon request.  We are always keen to build partnerships in our community and assemblies are a great way to do this. 

If you would like to find out more about our work in schools or would like to request an assembly please contact our Schools Support & Support Worker, Pelumi Kesinro [email protected]