Reaching Higher's mentoring programme pairs young people (including those who are vulnerable & at risk) with a trained mentor based on a range of matching criteria; interests, hobbies and background. Across a 6 month period the mentor will work with the young person through a personal development plan aimed at achieving a particular goal or objective in a young person’s life.

The programme is aimed at 13-18 year olds.  The young people will be supported by mentors with knowledge and experience in a range of key life skill areas. Some of these young people are within the care system and at a point of transition therefore helping them understand different pathways will have a long term benefit and ensure they access to the same opportunities as other young people.

How to become a mentor:

Please get in touch if you feel you would like to be a mentor. The Mentoring Coordinator will pair a young person to a mentor based on a range of different criteria. Please note: it’s important that the young people decide voluntarily to participate in the programme. The Mentoring Coordinator will then make the necessary contact with the young person and parent/carer explaining the parameters of the programme. Following this the Mentoring Coordinator will introduce the young person to their mentor.

The minimum requirement is to fulfil 12 sessions across 6 months. We recommend 1:1 sessions to combine a fun or practical activity to engage the young person with.

Please email  [email protected] for more information on how to become a mentor or if you have a young person who you believe would benefit from having a mentor.