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The LIT Program is for young people in Year 10 - 12. This program will empower, up skill and release young people to become the leaders of their generation.

The LIT Program operates on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm. It is a one-year programme, which consists of interactive workshops and experiences that exercises leadership qualities, team-working skills and supports career ambition.

The LIT Program will circulate in rounds of 12 months. Within these 12 months, each participant will have taken part in every workshop. Once every workshop has been attended they will then be provided with more responsibility to ensure that they continue to develop steadily.

"The LIT program I believe has been paramount to making me stand out to the other numerous students my age. This is something I have proudly put on my CV and personal statement. Entering work, especially the industry of engineering which I wish to go into, is becoming ever more competitive and opportunities like the LIT program is something that will help me become more hireable”

- LIT Graduate

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The Forerunners programme is for those aged 11 – 15. The aim of the Forerunners programme is to enhance each young persons skillset so that it can be transferred into both general life and their working careers. Skills such as; budgeting, organisational skills, group working, communication etc.

When chosen, the Forerunners go through stages beginning with a team bonding social and finishing off with the task of creating an engaging project within their wider community where they are granted the opportunity pitch ‘Dragon’s Den style’ for funding towards their ideas. In each stage they are empowered to make well informed decisions in regards to their projects but also encouraged to further their skills such as leadership, team work and creativity.

The scheme also provides opportunities to attend external events in professional environments such as Barclay's head office. Similar to the LIT programme, Forerunners is a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain transferable skills, meet like-minded young people, and to get involved in positive social action within their community.

The following is the experience of a young person who took part as a Forerunner

“Through the Forerunners programme I have had various opportunities that I would not have necessarily been able to do, such as meeting my local MP. These things have opened me up to the world, giving me insight in how the world operates after school. Each person in the team has their strengths, weaknesses, and personal traits, which has made the team reliant on each other and always lively.”

Every Tuesday

Location: South Norwood Methodist Church Suffolk Road, London, SE25 6ES

Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

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