There’s a great opportunity coming up for young people interested in political ideas and activism - Demand the Impossible, a free three day course from 12-14 October for 17-25 year-olds.

Are you angry about injustice in the world? Do you want to learn about the root causes of the problems we face and find ways to get more involved in fighting for change?  

Demand the Impossible brings young people from across London together to explore ideas, learn about what’s wrong with society and why, and develop the skills and confidence for activism.

Key features of Demand the Impossible:

  • Interactive sessions on topics such as capitalism, colonialism, climate change and London’s housing crisis,
  • Talks from cutting edge campaigners and activists with in-depth analysis and direct experience of social movements
  • Ways to get involved with  dynamic campaign groups active in London right now

Here’s what participants say about the course:

"This sounds so cringy but honestly it has been one of the best things I have done in my young adult life. I have learnt so much, met amazing people and have developed better ways of articulating myself." - Jack-Daniel

"What I liked about this course was how easy it was to get in touch with these groups and start working with them immediately and to see that getting started in activism wasn't as hard as I thought it would be." - Settit

 We cover lunch and travel costs, but places are limited. 

Apply now!

For more information check out our website at or get in touch at [email protected].

Demand the Impossible, a course for young people

Date: Friday 12th-Sunday 14th October

Venue: Paddington Arts Centre, 32 Woodfield Road, W9 2BE