Partnerships create opportunity

Our values encourage us to work in partnership. Being able to exchange learnings and experiences with partners from different environments further reinforces the work that we do and the overall impact we can make.

The collaborative approach

Our approach to working in partnership is about shared knowledge and how we are able to create value in that.

We begin shaping the partnership around what we can offer and then hear from our partners about what support they can provide.

Through these partnerships our overall aim is to be able to share and explore different perspectives that will contribute to a stronger community and galvanize a generation to become active citizens.

We give you

Communicating the impact of your values on the wider community.

In a increasingly diverse world we help organisations raise their profile in the community they serve (internal and external) or (staff and customers).

Exchanging learnings that increase the personal development of your employees and positively impact our beneficiaries.


Sharing our beneficiaries stories of overcoming challenge and adversity will help to motivate and drive your

Co-facilitate team training days/meetings/huddles. RH will bring members of our team to run short team building activities. We use these to highlight our partners contribution to our work, reinforcing your values and instilling pride in your employees.

RH will bring members of our organisation to public speaking events to share the story of our partnership and the positive impact your organisation and the efforts of your employees

RH will invite members of your junior staff team to co-facilitate workshops designed to increase employability and raise the aspirations of our beneficiaries. Using “apprentice” style challenges we aim to build presentation skills, team work and public speaking.

RH will invite members of our Ambassador team, made up of past beneficiaries to key note speak at different events. Their stories will be inspiring and bring to life the true impact of the work they do to support RH.

Starting from £150 p/h

Starting from £250 p/e


Starting from £250 p/e

You give us


There are various opportunities within Reaching Higher for your staff team to volunteer. We offer unique and rewarding experiences that will help reinforce the contribution your organisation makes towards Reaching Higher and the wider community


We believe in immersive experiences. Working alongside some of your team members, we could host a group of young people in workshops, presentations, pitches etc held at your offices. Together we could facilitate different activities such as mock interviews, pitching, response to brief (think dragons den meets apprentice) all aimed at increasing employability and raising awareness of your industry and the pathways for young people to aspire to.


We are excited to be able to offer unique and innovative ways for your oganisation to help raise funds for Reaching Higher.

Whether you want to bake, run, hike, skydive or all the above, we believe in pushing the boundaries of fundraising to make memorable experiences that extend an amount of money.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at [email protected]