A key part of our Leaders in Training (LIT) programme involves giving young people the preparation and support to take part in London Youth’s City Leaders scheme. The scheme provides opportunities to young people to run their own community projects, pitch for funding towards these projects, and attend events to help develop their leadership skills. It is a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain transferrable skills, meet like-minded young people, and to get involved in positive social action. The following is the experience of a young person who took part as a City Leader though our LIT programme:

“I have been part of the Leaders in Training Programme for seven months and have had a lot of different opportunities and experiences that I can take with me into the world of work.

I have enjoyed working and growing with the other members of the team. I have learnt a lot from them such as commitment, organisation and communication. Each person each has their strengths, weaknesses and personal traits, which have made the team reliant on each other and always lively.

Through the programme I have also had various opportunities that I would not have necessarily been able to do, such as meeting my local MP. These things have opened me up to the world after school, giving me insight in how the world operates after education.

The LIT programme I believe has been paramount to making me stand out to the other numerous students my age. This is something I have proudly put on my CV and personal statement and I’m sure has made me a stand out applicant when going into university. Entering work, especially the industry of engineering which I wish to go into, is becoming ever more competitive and opportunities like the LIT programme is something that will help me stand out.”